Don't Be Stressed About Getting Dressed


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We see you. We see you opening and scanning your closet. We see you rummaging around desperately and furiously. We see you shout "I have NOTHING to wear!" We see you leaving your house upset, frustrated and less than confident. 

At GALS of NEW YORK, we know you want to open your closet and grab an outfit with zero stress. We know you want to feel confident, strong and empowered. We know you want to look your best. 

Being gals, just like you, and with thousands of fellow gals' plights weighing heavily on our shoulders, we have teamed up with the finest manufacturers to help you solve your "I have nothing to wear" problem. 

When you shop our RELIABLE WARDROBE STAPLES, you will never be stressed about getting dressed. Rest assured, you will always feel like the bold and beautiful gal you are meant to be.



Be Part of the hundreds of gals this season who won't be stressed about getting dressed.

Shopping for wardrobe basics has always been a nightmare for me. I could never find the right things. When I heard about GALS of NEW YORK, I did a cartwheel! They make it so easy and fun to find exactly what you need - especially with their maxi dress collection. I can't wait enjoy the long summer days in a comfy, heaven dress!!

C. Wertzberger

There are so many brands and shops out there, yet so few options when it comes to maxi dresses. I'm so happy and relieved that GALS of NEW YORK dropped their collection this season. Now I can finally look gooood without having to sew my own clothing! (Yes, I really tried that. It's a pain and gets super expensive really quick)

Toby F

I bought the Velvet Variation Maxi for the winter. The fit is so slenderizing and the fabric is soooo comfy! And pink is MY color!! Couldn't be happier!! Be right back while I go choose my dream summer maxi...

Faigy A

I'm OBSESSED with the toggle maxi! It fits like a GLOVE! And the FABRIC!!! SO COMFORTABLE! Best Wardrobe staple I've ever purchased!! Did I mention it's all year round?? Win-win!!

Chany A